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March 23, 2017

Save Over 60% on iZotope RX Plug-In Pack

From March 22nd thru March 28th, save over 60% on iZotope RX Plug-In Pack, which includes some of RX’s most popular audio repair tools to fix clipping, air conditioning noise, amp hum, and more! RX Plug-in Pack can help you rescue your audio. Remove background noise and sudden sounds that can mar instrument and vocal performances. Transform audio from tricky recording scenarios into usable tracks and avoid re-recording. This kit of four essential audio repair plug-ins — De-click, De-hum, De-clip, and Dialogue De-noise — is curated directly from iZotope’s award-winning RX software and offers the same industry-leading technology used on major label releases, network television, and Hollywood films. Use them


March 20, 2017

ROCKRUEPEL – Why have just a compressor or a limiter when you can have an “audio-terraforming” device?

ROCKRUEPEL is a small, boutique manufacturer out of Duesseldorf, Germany led by designer Oliver Gregor, who makes the premium, hand-built COMP.TWO and LIMIT.ONE dynamics processors. Made with Mastering Studios squarely in their crosshairs, the COMP.TWO and LIMIT.ONE have found homes, fans, and yes… even lovers, in recording and mixing rooms the world over. In fact, our customers report that the Rockruepel gear is so good, that it routinely pushes their old-standby dynamics processors to the side. One would liken the name ‘rockruepel‘ to an aggressive sound behavior – Particularly because ‘rogue‘ or ‘bully‘ are appropriate translations of “ruepel” to English.  However, this describes more of the devices’ potential as when


March 14, 2017

Ferrofish B4000+ Organ Module, is a whole lot of organ!

The Ferrofish B4000+ Organ Module packs a lot of cool, into a relatively small package. Featuring: nine real drawbars, high resolution endless potentiometers, a TFT display, Sharc DSP processing, and a Cortex 3 ARM processor, the B4000+ has some nice horsepower. But, the important thing is what it does, and how well it does it. The B4000+ is an extremely authentic emulation of that classic groovy organ sound we all know and love, and it also provides an equally accurate rotary speaker sound. Add in the fact that “Players can set the age of the organ, the leakage between the drawbars, and even the tonewheel condition can be adjusted”, and


March 13, 2017

It just got real – Regular John Recording demo has arrived!

That’s right, the gang at Front End Audio has now gotten our hands on a Regular John Recording BAX Stereo Mastering EQ demo. We are pumped to check it out and see (or hear?) what this baby can do in the studio. And of course, you will be the first to know our thoughts and opinions. : )


March 10, 2017

Sandhill Audio Demos! Friday Just Got Kicked Up a Notch!

It’s Friday, which is of course THE best day of the week. 🙂 Nothing can usually compete with that. Except for when it’s Friday and you’re handed a pair of Sandhill Audio 6011A Ribbon Microphones! What?! Call a doctor because I just had a heart attack. [Just kiddin around; we all know heart attacks are nothing to joke about. Keeping it real.] Anyways, so yeah…us lucky few at FEA get to seriously play around with a pair of Sandhill Audio 6011A Ribbon Microphones. We are excited to gain some experience and share that with you. More posts to come of the actually sessions and our final opinions. But in the

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