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May 26, 2017

Pop Audio – Not your average Pop Filter

When the crew at Front End Audio first got their hands on the Pop Audio Pop Filters, we knew these were different. This is one solidly built universal pop filter, with replaceable parts, that will last you a life time! Pop Audio’s goal was to make a pop filter that you can use and use so efficiently that you practically forget about it all together. They thought (and we agree) that no one wants to constantly fiddle around with the small stuff when you’re trying to stay in your creative zone. So they gave us all the Pop Filter that quickly and securely snaps onto any stand and stays in place once


May 24, 2017

Front End Audio now sells Warm Audio!

That’s right, Front End Audio is now stocking and selling Warm Audio! It’s a line we’ve had our eye on, and now we are excited to be able to offer the line up to you. What’s nice about Warm Audio is that they dish out great gear at great prices. If you’re in the market for a step up but don’t have a zillion dollars to do it with, then you don’t have to look much further than Warm. They’ve got all the bases covered with ‘Serious Gear’ that is ‘Seriously Affordable’. [It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Good job Warm marketing! 🙂 ] Hop on over


May 23, 2017

Colossal Cables are well…COLOSSAL!

Move over puny cables that fray and break just from the most basic use. Good riddance to the cables that give a scratch and crackle to your mix every time it is moved or even just breathed on. Here comes Colossal Cable! These cables are no joke; we at Front End Audio love the quality they provide. Colossal Cables are built to perform and perform well for years. They are handmade in USA and are designed to help your gear sound clear and clean; just like it should. And honestly, when you buy quality gear, cables should be up to the same standard. Just check out how thick these cables


May 19, 2017

Earthworks Drum Mics Deliver on Johnny Gill Tour

Johnny Gill, one of the lead vocalists for the R&B group New Edition, hit the road in support of his latest solo album, and veteran Front of House Engineer Rick Camp brought along a suite of Earthworks microphones for Melvin Baldwin’s drum set for the tour. The set up includes microphones from the Earthworks Sound Reinforcement and Drum Periscope series, which were selected for their accuracy and performance. “I really like the accuracy and full frequency range of the Earthworks drum mics,” explains Camp. “We are using SR30s for overheads, SR30/HCs for hi-hat and ride cymbal. The SR30/HCs allow me to zoom right in on the hi-hat and ride cymbal


May 17, 2017

The first Starlight we’ve seen…ever.

Star light, star bright, it’s the first Starlight we’ve seen…ever! Front End Audio just received our very first shipment of Aston Starlight microphones into the shop. We’re pretty excited since this is the first laser targeting pencil microphone, which beyond sounding super cool (who doesn’t like playing with lasers?) is actually pretty darn useful. Check out our product page for more details on the Aston Starlight Microphone!

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