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February 7, 2018

WesAudio HYPERION 500-Series Equalizer

One thing that I have been wanting to really see come to fruition in the pro audio world (since all the way back in 2001, when I first heard rumors of it’s impending arrival), is digitally controlled analog gear. In truth, we have seen some, but not to the degree I personally want to see. But, a new offering from WesAudio is most definitely adding to the genre. Introducing the WesAudio HYPERION 500-Series Equalizer. “The WesAudio HYPERION 500-Series Equalizer is fully analog parametric EQ with +24dBu of headroom and digital recall. The HYPERION features a ton of innovative improvements that no other processor on the market provides.” A fully parametric


February 6, 2018

Trident A-Range 500 500-Series Equalizer

It’s no secret that the Trident A-Range is one of the most loved consoles of all time. There was a unique sound that only that console could provide. So when Trident revived the A-Range in channel strip form with the Trident A-Range Microphone Preamp & EQ, needless to say – folks we thrilled. Now Trident is furthering support of this regarded vintage design by bringing the powerful and super musical EQ section to the 500 series format with the Trident A-Range 500 500-Series Equalizer (expected to start shipping in mid-March 2018). As stated by Trident: “The A-Range is a faithful re-creation of the original four band Trident A-Range equalizer in