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January 16, 2018

The Universal Audio Arrow is a sure shot

The Universal Audio Arrow is a compact desktop 2in 4out Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface, with Universal Audio’s UAD-2 SOLO Core DSP Processing built right in. This powerful, yet portable interface is compatible with Mac and Windows – bringing Universal Audio quality to everyone.


September 12, 2017

The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone is sporting new packaging!

The Roswell Mini K47 Microphone has gained some major traction in the world of pro audio and with that has come a face lift – of sorts. Front End Audio just received in the first Roswell Mini K47 mics in their brand new and improved packaging. The Mini K47 mics now comes standard with a flight case and shockmount! You’ll also get the same deal with the Roswell Mini K47 Microphone Matched Pair. Each microphone in the matched pair comes with it’s own case and mount. The FEA team has become a big fan of the Roswell microphones. They are solid choices at a great price point, and with the


July 7, 2017

A new reason, to use Reason.

Virtually everyone knows that Propellerhead‘s Reason has been a proven, loved, and vital tool for music creation. From EDM and Hip Hop, to Orchestral and Film Scoring – Reason has a plethora of tools to take creativity to the next level. Add in the ability to Rewire Reason into your favorite DAW, and not the possibilities become endless. I have been a long time Reason user, and just simply using it as a virtual synth rack in my DAW has provided so much to my compositions and work flow. After all Reason has provided and done for us, Propellerhead has now given us even more reason to love Reason. They


May 26, 2017

Pop Audio – Not your average Pop Filter

When the crew at Front End Audio first got their hands on the Pop Audio Pop Filters, we knew these were different. This is one solidly built universal pop filter, with replaceable parts, that will last you a life time! Pop Audio’s goal was to make a pop filter that you can use and use so efficiently that you practically forget about it all together. They thought (and we agree) that no one wants to constantly fiddle around with the small stuff when you’re trying to stay in your creative zone. So they gave us all the Pop Filter that quickly and securely snaps onto any stand and stays in place once


May 24, 2017

Front End Audio now sells Warm Audio!

That’s right, Front End Audio is now stocking and selling Warm Audio! It’s a line we’ve had our eye on, and now we are excited to be able to offer the line up to you. What’s nice about Warm Audio is that they dish out great gear at great prices. If you’re in the market for a step up but don’t have a zillion dollars to do it with, then you don’t have to look much further than Warm. They’ve got all the bases covered with ‘Serious Gear’ that is ‘Seriously Affordable’. [It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Good job Warm marketing! 🙂 ] Hop on over

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