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January 16, 2018

The Universal Audio Arrow is a sure shot

The Universal Audio Arrow is a compact desktop 2in 4out Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface, with Universal Audio’s UAD-2 SOLO Core DSP Processing built right in. This powerful, yet portable interface is compatible with Mac and Windows – bringing Universal Audio quality to everyone.


December 21, 2017

Special Offer for Sonar Users!

Magix is offering a very special cross grade promotion for Sonar users!


December 19, 2017

A Session with the Regular John Recording BAX Stereo Mastering EQ

The Regular John Recording BAX Stereo Mastering EQ quite the nice tool for getting a total mix sounding right.


July 7, 2017

A new reason, to use Reason.

Virtually everyone knows that Propellerhead‘s Reason has been a proven, loved, and vital tool for music creation. From EDM and Hip Hop, to Orchestral and Film Scoring – Reason has a plethora of tools to take creativity to the next level. Add in the ability to Rewire Reason into your favorite DAW, and not the possibilities become endless. I have been a long time Reason user, and just simply using it as a virtual synth rack in my DAW has provided so much to my compositions and work flow. After all Reason has provided and done for us, Propellerhead has now given us even more reason to love Reason. They


March 20, 2017

ROCKRUEPEL – Why have just a compressor or a limiter when you can have an “audio-terraforming” device?

ROCKRUEPEL is a small, boutique manufacturer out of Duesseldorf, Germany led by designer Oliver Gregor, who makes the premium, hand-built COMP.TWO and LIMIT.ONE dynamics processors. Made with Mastering Studios squarely in their crosshairs, the COMP.TWO and LIMIT.ONE have found homes, fans, and yes… even lovers, in recording and mixing rooms the world over. In fact, our customers report that the Rockruepel gear is so good, that it routinely pushes their old-standby dynamics processors to the side. One would liken the name ‘rockruepel‘ to an aggressive sound behavior – Particularly because ‘rogue‘ or ‘bully‘ are appropriate translations of “ruepel” to English.  However, this describes more of the devices’ potential as when

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