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The Weekly Drool

February 10, 2017

Squirrels and Cats OH MY!

It’s Friday at Front End Audio, and the anticipation of the weekend is sometimes more than I can bear. It’s like time drags on and the day takes forever. I know you can feel me on this! So what do you do to help relieve the unbearable I-Think-I’m-Going-To-Be-Here-Forever Friday blues? Stare down pictures of your weekend prey and brainstorm on the secrets they could be hiding from you with those beady eyes and bushy tails? Well, it works for me. Happy Friday everyone!


December 2, 2016

Reika to the Rescue

This Black Friday/Cyber Monday was doggone mad!  The FEA humans were working overtime and in obvious need of assistance. So, it was Reika to the rescue of course! I rolled up my sleeves (metaphorically – it’s a short sleeved shirt), donned a spectacularly handmade apron to hold all my tools (a big slobbery lick to my human granny), and got to work helping in the warehouse. It was hard work, but I’ve always been a team player.  Must be my pack mentality.  


October 24, 2016

A Case of the Monday Blues

It’s Monday and I’ve got the blues… Why does the weekend go so fast?  I was having a particularly wonderful weekend too.  I spent some time at the ol’ family farm and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air.  It’s the best place in the world – so many places to run and dig, a variety of goat and chicken poop to sample, and I even had the extra special treat of licking a cat’s behind (I made my getaway before the claws came out). But now I’m back at work and it’s only Monday.  Oh well, at least I have the memory of the cat’s behind to get me through the


October 11, 2016

Birthday Cupcake

It’s my 7th birthday! And my Front End Audio human co-workers had a special surprise for me. They gave me my very own BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE!!! It was extremely delicious. I would have shared with them, but for some reason no one wanted any…


October 7, 2016

There’s a Storm Brewing

Today is not my kind of day.  It’s Friday, which is usually exactly my kind of day.  Fridays mean all my Front End Audio humans have a certain pep to their step and are more generous with their ear scratches.  And who doesn’t love an extra vigorous ear scratching?! But today, the outside is giving itself a bath; something about a Hurricane Matthew.  I hate baths; mostly because I am not a graceful swimmer.  I sink.  Like a stone.  It sucks. So, I’ve resigned myself to curling up in my office in front of my warm box while contemplating why Matthew decided to give the outside a bath.    

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