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May 23, 2017

Colossal Cables are well…COLOSSAL!

Move over puny cables that fray and break just from the most basic use. Good riddance to the cables that give a scratch and crackle to your mix every time it is moved or even just breathed on.

Here comes Colossal Cable!

These cables are no joke; we at Front End Audio love the quality they provide. Colossal Cables are built to perform and perform well for years. They are handmade in USA and are designed to help your gear sound clear and clean; just like it should. And honestly, when you buy quality gear, cables should be up to the same standard.

Just check out how thick these cables are in comparison to a standard office pen. The name fits. The price is solid for the quality. Do yourself a favor and check out Colossal Cable at Front End Audio!

Colossal Cable vs. office pen

Colossal Cable vs. office pen

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